Our principles and how we will deliver them

Bluedot Positive
Our principles seek to align with global nature positive goals and approaches.

Principle 1

We support actions that contribute to bending the curve of biodiversity loss


  • We provide the help needed to support decisions that halt biodiversity loss as a priority.
  • We adopt proven restoration approaches to mitigate project site-based impacts for the long-term, including no net loss and net positive goals. We support restoration offset actions to mitigate site-based losses on condition that the mitigation hierarchy has been robustly applied.
  • We support the delivery of transformative restoration actions that are not related to mitigating project impacts.
  • Our actions will also seek to provide nature-based solutions to deliver climate change adaptation and mitigation.
  • We focus on solutions that are scalable, especially across the seascape, so that local actions can seed broader benefits that extend beyond the project site.

Principle 2

We commit to actions that are positive for people as well as for biodiversity


  • We prioritise actions at sites where nature provides important social, economic and/or cultural contributions to people.
  • We place emphasis on supporting the important role of Indigenous People and Local Communities in managing marine ecosystems and ensuring the long-term viability of restoration initiatives.
  • We recognise the rights of Indigenous People and Local Communities and apply the principles of Free, Prior and Informed Consent.
  • We value the respectful use of knowledge held by Indigenous People and Local Communities.
  • We recognise diverse values and interests and support actions that are socially inclusive, equitable and just, and that deliver upon individual rights to a safe and healthy environment.

Principle 3

We tackle the drivers of biodiversity loss at appropriate scales


  • We support actions that diagnose and reduce direct and indirect threats to biodiversity within seascapes and adopt actions to remediate and rehabilitate degraded areas.
  • We only propose actions that are viable and feasible in the long term, with consideration of threats that are not manageable or are outside of direct control.

Principle 4

We adopt evidence-based approaches to support nature positive actions


  • We promote the use of systematic conservation planning and marine spatial planning tools, within a broader planning framework. We develop ecosystem-based actions that are informed by a seascape understanding of biodiversity attributes, functional traits, connectivity, physical influencing processes, and human interactions.
  • We set outcomes-based targets to ensure absolute biodiversity gains, supported by appropriate measurable indicators. We align targets with the desired conservation outcomes that are set by global and national policies, frameworks, and plans.
  • We acknowledge the importance of baseline data to understand what actions are needed and to monitor effectiveness. We provide advice and protocols to guide effective long-term monitoring and verification of project outcomes, and support for adaptive management frameworks.
  • We address uncertainties by promoting data collection and/or by using precautionary approaches, proxies, ecosystem approaches, and applying multipliers etc.

Principle 5

We adopt collaborative partnership approaches


  • We support collaborative approaches to formulate actions that address cumulative threats within seascapes.
  • We adopt a framework that drives local partnerships.
  • We use our existing relationships to support collaborations.
  • We support the establishment of new collaborations and partnerships to support the identification and delivery of actions.

Principle 6

We promote transparency and accountability


  • We actively share information and are transparent with our approaches.
  • We encourage and support our clients to disclose their intent, approaches, and assessments.
  • We assist our clients to monitor and audit their actions and report on outcomes.
  • We encourage and support clients to share the information they collect when delivering actions.