Our intent, approach and what we deliver

Bluedot Positive

Our intent

Our intent is to advise on and support the implementation of evidence-based solutions that halt and reverse marine biodiversity losses, build resilience, and enhance nature’s contributions to the health and well-being of people. Our primary intent is therefore to support the delivery of nature positive outcomes.

Our approach

We bring together a team of biodiversity experts and social scientists to build nature positive strategies and to support the design, delivery, and monitoring of actions on the ground. To drive measurable outcomes, we have a focus on the delivery of restorative actions that mitigate site-based impacts or deliver broader transformative change. In recognition of the interlinkages between the global biodiversity and climate crises, we promote actions that provide nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Our approach is based on collaborative partnerships that combine innovative ideas and energy, promote knowledge and skills exchange, and strengthen long-term local stewardship and benefits. Through our approach we aim to improve the resilience of biodiversity, people, and the planet.

What we deliver


We will support our corporate clients to develop nature positive strategies that:

  • frame the need for nature positive approaches
  • follow good guidance and are benchmarked against leading cross-industry practices
  • assess risks to biodiversity
  • align with global and national policy, goals, and targets
  • respects human rights and supports local aspirations
  • establish corporate-level and site-based goals and targets to mitigate impacts and to deliver broader transformative nature positive outcomes
  • build upon existing partnerships and foster new partnerships
  • provide recommendations for the implementation of goals and targets, including recommendations for transparent disclosure and reporting, monitoring, verification, and capacity building

Actions on the ground

We will develop biodiversity action plans and support the delivery of marine nature positive actions on the ground supported by our local groups and our restoration partners. We will establish frameworks that allow us to provide long-term support to our clients who invest in delivering actions, and the local partners who drive implementation and support long-term stewardship of actions. We will also help our clients to report their actions.

Capacity building and training

We will leverage our corporate and community training and capacity building experience to support biodiversity education and awareness programmes. We will deliver this support within organisations or with external partners when supporting implementation.

Review and verification

We will define and support the implementation of effective monitoring approaches and processes to review the implementation of strategies and actions. We will also ensure approaches are developed that enable adaptive management. We will also apply our extensive biodiversity and social compliance and audit experience to independently verify actions that are taken to see if they meet goals, are compliant with commitments, and maximise positive outcomes. Where necessary we will help to improve outcomes by implementing adaptive management approaches. We will help our clients to transparently report on the outcomes of these processes.