Successful actions require local delivery. Our network and local partners will help to integrate communities, build capacity, and support local actions in the long-term

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Where our current network of local partners are located

Spotlight on some of our partners

Ocean Ecology Network
The Ocean Ecology Network, Inc. is an NGO based in California, USA, that is dedicated to supporting marine research, conservation, and education around the world. Their philosophy incorporates science, wisdom, patience, hope, and compassion, resulting in a balanced, holistic, and realistic approach that integrates people into conservation solutions. The organisation has developed an extensive network of local conservation partners across many regions, including Africa, Middle East, Asia, and the South Pacific. The Ocean Ecology Network has helped Bluedot to provide local conservation support for over a decade.
Sea Sense is an NGO based in Tanzania that works closely with coastal communities to conserve and protect endangered marine wildlife. The organisation has delivered marine community-led projects in Tanzania since 2001; and they have provided support to Bluedot studies in this region over the last decade.
Sea Sense
Coral Vita
Coral Vita is based in Grand Bahama and is focused on developing solutions to restore coral reef habitats. They do this by growing diverse and resilient corals in land-based farms powered by a mission-based commercial model. They then outplant these corals back into degraded reefs, bringing them back to life. They can also scale to make a significant ecological difference, with a single farm ultimately able to grow millions of resilient corals for distribution around a region. Coral Vita’s farms not only supply corals for restoration projects, but also function as education centers for local communities as well as eco-tourism attractions.
Maio Biodiversity Foundation (FMB – Fundação Maio Biodiversidade) was established in 2010 to protect biodiversity on the island of Maio in the Republic of Cabo Verde. FMB has developed internationally recognised projects on marine protected areas, sea turtle conservation, bird protection and ecotourism, and initiatives that are replicated at a national level, such as our ‘Guardians of the Sea’ initiative in collaboration with local fishermen. FMB has strong links with local communities, and their projects are supported by local, national, and international organisations.
Maio Biodiversity Foundation
Programa Tato

Programa Tatô has developed an integrative, grassroots and community-based sea turtle conservation program in Sao Tome Island. Programa Tatô has invested steadily in capacity building, environmental awareness and coastal communities’ engagement in marine conservation activities. Programa Tatô has also been collaborating with the marine protected areas network creation process around Sao Tome Island, following a science-based, participative management and shared governance approach that gathers all fishing communities, government, scientists and civil society organizations in the design and decision-making process.