Bluedot Positive

Helping you to deliver marine nature positive actions on the ground

We need actions now to halt and reverse biodiversity loss and to provide nature-based solutions, boosting resilience, and enhancing the health and well-being of people.

Bluedot+ is our response, bringing together marine biodiversity and social experts, along with a network of local groups and implementing partners, to help restore the blue dot.

The framework

The context

Explaining the story behind
nature positive and the Bluedot+ approach

Our approach

Setting out our intent and approach, and what we will deliver from strategies to plans through to implementation and monitoring

Our principles

Our supporting principles and
how we deliver them

Bluedot+ advisors

Our global team of biodiversity and social experts that advise on and support the implementation of actions

Local actions

Our network of local groups and partners that support actions on the ground

Tools & guidance

Access to restoration tools and guidance

Bluedot+ forms our focus for delivering marine biodiversity restoration to create real gains on the ground and combines social and ecological principles to deliver actions that work and make sense – done with local people, for local people.”

Neil CousinsBluedot Founder